About us


At present time the team consists only of two people. This are Tobias Jakobi (LiquidAcid) and Markus Polith (ShadowRaven). Maybe our names already tell you something about us, but if not I'll give a short introduction. We're two guys from Germany, if I want to be more specific, we're from northrheinwestfalia (NRW for short). Currently we're both students and eventually we'll soon pass the school-leaving (can't believe this is the right word but my dictionary tells me so). School was also the starting point for this small project you see here on SourceForge.net, it was originally founded in a computer sciene lesson. During these days the game was a bunch of LOGO code that did work most of the time but soon we realized that LOGO couldn't be the final answer.
C/C++ was chosen in the end and in my opinion the choice was a good one. Both of us know the language quite well, even if shadowraven has some difficulties with the syntax from time to time. His coding style is also a bit confusing, but we get along. Enough of us, I'm sure shadowraven is going to add something to this portrait giving a detailed description of my coding style *g*

by LiquidAcid

Only one time I had problems with the syntax. But even "code guru" LiquidAcid did not know a working solution. Another point is that the task are spread like that:
LiquidAcid codes the logic engine for kniffel (including sound and loging).
I design, code and manage the gui, parser and web page.
As you can see i am the artist of the project. Thats why i can afford to have a confusing coding style, miserable english and other peculiarities. *g*

by ShadowRaven